RF signal generator with touch display for test and measurement uses like NR-5G band introduced by SIGLENT

June 17, 2020
Users can upgrade with an optional OCXO-module that improves the temperature stability of the source for precision tests and manufacturing applications.

SOLON, Ohio – SIGLENT Technologies America Inc. in Solon, Ohio, is introducing the model SSG5000X RF signal generator series for RF test and measurement applications such as the NR-5G band (FR1) between 3.4 and 3.7 GHz.

These RF signal generators can source analog and vector signals as high as 4 GHz or 6 GHz. The SSG5000X-V series generator features internal IQ modulation with an RF modulation bandwidth as high as 150 MHz and an arbitrary waveform playback function. A menu structure helps users create complex signal types.

These RF signal generators feature phase noise specification of -120 dBc (@1 GHz / 20 kHz offset). The regulated maximum output level goes as high as +20 dBm (settable as high as +26 dBm), and the minimum output level is -130 dBm (settable down to -140 dBm).

Users can upgrade the SSG5000X with an optional OCXO-module that improves the temperature stability of the source for precision test and measurement, and manufacturing applications.

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The SSG5000X comes standard with a 5-inch touch display. The front panel and display menu structure takes only minutes to learn, and incorporates a web server for remote control over Ethernet.

This unit offers analog modulation types that include pulse-modulation as a standard feature. Different types of frequency or amplitude sweeps can be set and combined. The signal valid and trigger in/out BNC-connectors are on the back side.

All units support the connection of an external USB-power meter to compensate the path loss between the RF out of the generator and the device under test.

The SSG5000X-V includes common protocol files such as 5G NR, LTE, WLAN, WCDMA, GSM, and BLUETOOTH built-in. Customized ARB files can be created, uploaded, and replayed. The 4 GHz versions SSG5040X(-V) can be upgraded to 6 GHz by software license key.

For more information contact SIGLENT Technologies online at www.siglenteu.com/rf-generators.

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