Vector network analyzer test and measurement device for aerospace and defense introduced by Rohde & Schwarz

May 4, 2021
ZNA offers four internal phase coherent sources plus a fifth source as a second internal local oscillator or source for measurements on mixers.

MUNICH – Rohde & Schwarz in Munich is introducing new versions of the ZNA high-end vector network analyzer that features models with 50 GHz and 67 GHz maximum frequencies for signal integrity measurements as well as for aerospace, defense, and 5G component and module characterization.

Rohde & Schwarz launched the ZNA touch-operated vector network analyzer two years ago. The new models feature wide dynamic range, low trace noise, and come with a user-friendly touch graphic user interface.

It offers as many as four internal phase coherent sources plus a fifth source as a second internal local oscillator or as an additional source for measurements on mixers. In combination with as many as eight parallel measurement receivers, the ZNA hardware architecture is for demanding measurements on components and modules.

The ZNA is for high-end research and development in aerospace and defense applications like radar transmitter receiver modules as well as antenna measurements and satellite applications like downconverter characterization.

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They also support pulse generation and measurement, including a wide range of trigger functions. Updates include direct source monitor access, which enables measurements on high- gain devices such as satellite downconverters.

The test and measurement instrument provides characterization of circuit board conductor structures for high-speed signal transmission. The instrument removes effects of fixtures, lead-ins, and lead-outs from the measurement results.

The ZNA is a solution for research on active and passive components such as low-noise amplifiers, filters, antennas. For more information contact Rohde & Schwarz online at

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