Hub helps test and measurement experts connect digitizers to create multi-channel data acquisition systems

Nov. 22, 2023
Users install the Star-Hub by mounting one piggyback module onto any M5i series cards using accurately matched and shielded coax cabling.

GROSSHANSDORF, Germany – Spectrum Instrumentation in Grosshansdorf, Germany is introducing Star-Hub to enable systems designers to create multi-channel data acquisition systems with ultrafast sampling speeds to 10 gigasamples per second.

Star-Hub enables users to connect as many as eight of the company's M5i.33xx series PCI Express digitizers, so that separate cards share common clock and trigger signals for minimal phase delay and timing skew between all the channels.

Users install the Star-Hub test and measurement option by mounting one piggyback module onto any of the M5i series cards in the multi-channel system using accurately matched and shielded coax cabling. The board distributes the clock to each module and synchronizes the trigger event with the system clock.

Star-Hub works with any of the cards from the M5i.33xx digitizer family. Seven different models are available offering one or two channels, sampling rates from 3.2 to 10 gigasamples per second, 12-bit vertical resolution and bandwidths from 1 to 4.7 GHz.

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The cards can handle a wide range of signals and feature programmable input voltage ranges, offset control, large on-board memories, advanced trigger functions and different acquisition modes.

Star-Hub enables systems designers to build data acquisition systems with from 2 to 16 channels, sampling at rates as fast as 5 gigasamples per second, or as many as 8 channels at the maximum sampling rate of 10 gigasamples per second.

Users also can choose to run the Star-Hub system with the digitizer cards internal clock, or an external clock via a front panel SMA input connector. A programmable skew adjustment is available for each connected card.

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