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Oct. 1, 2004

2.9-GHz handheld RF-signal-strength analyzer

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Protek Test and Measurement, a division of Cigma Technologies, in Allendale, N.J., is offering a new line of handheld RF-signal-strength analyzers with 2.9-GHz bandwidth, and scan rate of 125 channels per second. The new Model 3290 devices are successors to Protek's Model 3201 line. These analyzes are for narrowband, wideband, FM, AM, and single-sideband signal measurements. The 3290 allows as many as 160 preset channels to be loaded into memory for rapid scans and displays for field personnel. Features include an RS 232 interface, 50-ohm input impedance, audio output with built-in speaker, selectable squelch levels, and 2.9-GHz frequency counter. For more information contact Protek Test and Measurement at 201-760-9898, or online at

Software and hardware for boundary scan and JTAG testing

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Asset InterTech Inc. in Richardson, Texas, is introducing the ScanWorks Interconnect Development Station to help test engineers develop and deploy Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) tests to verify the structural integrity of printed circuit boards, subassemblies, or systems. The Development Station includes ScanWorks hardware and preconfigured software. The tool has diagnostics to analyze for shorts and opens down to the level of an individual device pin, as well as debugging capabilities. For more information contact Asset InterTech at 888-694-6250, or online at

6.4-inch outdoor display modules

Panelview Inc. in Hillsboro, Ore., is introducing a line of 6.4-inch, 800-nit VGA daylight-readable displays for outdoor, portable instruments such as engine diagnostics or inventory control. The products are enhanced color active-matrix liquid-crystal-display modules. The enhancements involve an index-matching film lamination to the front surface of the display polarizer, which comes in clear and 10 percent diffusion. The displays have four cold-cathode fluorescent lamps to boost luminance. The modules come with driver ICs, control circuit, and power supply circuits. Graphics show on a 640-by-480-dot panel with 262,144 colors. The displays are sunlight readable, while using 1.7 watts per lamp. Panelview is a subsidiary of White electronic Designs Corp. For more information contact the company online at

Modifiable complex-switching devices

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The leaders of Electroswitch in Weymouth, Mass., are releasing a switch that has the capability of fitting any customer requirements. The switches can be configured to meet the needs of most complex .. switching applications. Features include, but are not limited to, an "off" position instead of a contact position, increased operating voltages, angled terminals, mechanical releases, key interlock provisions and custom dial plates. Switches can be manufactured in currents from milliamps to 10,000 amps and from millivolts to 13,800 volts. Switches measure as small as 2 inches to more that 2 feet wide. For more information contact Electroswitch at 781-335-5200 or online at

Replacement solid-state electronics for radar transmitters

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The leaders of Diversified Technologies Inc. in Bedford, Mass. are releasing a line of high-voltage solid-state electronics meant to replace switch and voltage-regulator tubes. The DTI PowerMod solid-state radar upgrades provide up to 50k volts of cathode voltage, multimegawatts average power, pulse widths from 100 nanoseconds to milliseconds are frequencies over 100 KHz. And feature better than 0.01 percent pulse-to-pulse stability and can be retrofitted into existing cabinetry. The units are MIL qualified for shipboard and ground operations. For more information contact DTI at 781-275-9444 or online at

Board meets FBCB2 Common Card requirements

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Vista Controls in Santa Clarita, Calif., an operating unit of Curtiss-Wright Controls Inc., is offering the VCP P3A VME single-board computer that meets the U.S. Army FBCB2 Common Card program's hardware and software requirements. The FBCB2 is to provide Army units at brigade and subordinate echelons with advanced command-and-control capability by replacing paper maps and voice radio with digital global-position system, digital radio, satellite communications, and the Army Tactical Internet. The VCP P3A uses Socket 370 Intel Pentium processor, 133-MHz system bus, and a PC266 memory bus. The board has two USB 2.0 ports, six high-speed 16550-compatible serial ports, and 10/100 Base TX Ethernet and SCSI-2 single-ended interfaces. For more information contact Vista Controls at 661-257-4430, or online at

1U rack-mount console-drawer computer

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Acme Portable Machines Inc. in Azuza, Calif., is offering the SMK-590R 19-inch slim industrial rack-mount console-drawer computer. The computer is for space-constrained environments, the 1U-high console drawer has 17-inch monitor, keyboard, and mouse pad. Each drawer can handle as many as 16 computers, servers, and devices, or daisy chain to other computers for medium-to-large-scale computer rooms. Users of the SMK-590 .. can monitor as many as 64 devices simultaneously by daisy chaining three KVM switches. The computer has heavy-duty metal sliding rails and lightweight heavy-duty chassis. For more information contact Acme Portable Machines at 626-610-1888, or online at

Inject/eject hot-swap handle

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Schroff in Warwick, R.I., is offering a hot-swap handle for AdvancedTCA boards that meets the requirements of ..PICMG 3.0 standards. The handle is ergonomically designed with intuitive open/close mechanism that separates the switch actuation of the hot-swap microswitch from the inject/eject process, which permits the boards to shut down electronically before mechanical ejection. The handle is for applications in which high insertion force and hot swap are necessary, such as where high power and high pin-count density are necessary, security, networking, and telecommunications. For more information contact George Ross of Pentair Electronic Packaging, Schroff Products, at 888-550-9543, or online at

Hall-effect, lighted push-button switches

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Electro-Mech Components Inc. in South El Monte, Calif., is offering a Hall-effect, lighted push-button-switch product group called the Series HE with integrated digital circuitry for reliability, long life, and small form factor, for a variety of applications. The devices are single-pole, single-throw or double-pole, single-throw momentary illuminated switches for high-volume, front-panel switching uses such as industrial or avionics displays and controls, instrument-panel controls, or high-density panel controls. The Series HE requires a 3.8-volt minimum power supply voltage. For more information contact Electro-Mech Components at 888-442-7180, or online at

Multiconductor cable harnesses meet IPC-A-620 specifications

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Aved Electronics Inc. in Lowell, Mass., is offering custom-engineered multiconductor cable harnesses that are certified to IPC-A-620 manufacturing specifications for mission-critical applications such as military ground-combat vehicles, aircraft, and medical equipment. The cable harnesses are built on proprietary back-wired systems that enable designers to build harnesses with as many as 1,000 conductors, and provide a go-no-go test on all terminations. Aved provides a serialized printout QC document to validate the integrity of each conductor, and the harnesses conform to MIL-I-45208A. ..They are hand-soldered to MIL-S-45743, MIL-STD-1460, MIL-STD-2000, and packaged to MIL-STD-129 specifications. For more information contact Aved Electronics at 800-441-2833, or online at

Turnkey PowerPC 750FX-based VME development/evaluation system

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Thales Computers in Raleigh, N.C., is introducing integrated PowerPC 750FX-based VME system designed for rapid and easy system development and evaluation. The Easy PowerPC 750FX is a turnkey VME system with VME 2dSST-enabled PowerPC 750FX single-board computer with 256 megabytes of DRAM memory, 64 megabytes of Flash memory, two PMC sites, a 36-gibabyte SCSI disk, a 2U rack, embedded software, and one month of free access to a technical support hotline. The system comes ..with three operating systems for comparison: VX Works 5l5, LynxOS, and Linux 2.4. For more information contact Tales Computers at 800-848-2330, or online at

19-inch rack-mount flat-panel liquid-crystal display

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Three-Five Systems Inc. in Tempe, Ariz., is offering a 19-inch rack-mount flat-panel liquid-crystal display for aerospace, defense monitoring, industrial automation, process control, and medical diagnostics. The display has ..0.299-millimeter dot pitch, a contrast ratio of 500 to 1, and a 176-degree viewing angle. The display has digital and analog inputs, automatic power-saving modes, optional touch screens, protective glass, custom bezel colors, and private labeling. For more information contact Three-Five Systems at 602-389-8600, or online at

2-gigabyte DDR solid-state memory chips

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White Electronic Designs Corp. in Phoenix is offering 2-gigabyte DDR SDRAM memory chips, organized as 32M by 64, and packaged in a 25-by-25-by-625-millimeterplastic ball-grid array. The 2.5-gram memory chip is available in military, industrial, and commercial temperature ranges. The new memory device has an internal pipelined double-data-rate architecture that enables two data accesses per clock cycle, and DDR rates of 200, 250, and 266 megabits per second. Four internal banks allow concurrent operation and data mask pins allow masking write data of one per byte. ..For more information contact White Electronic Designs at 602-437-1520, or online at

5-millimeter wedge-based light-emitting diodes

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LEDtronics in Torrance, Calif., is offering a 5-millimeter right-angled Wedge LED annunciator light-emitting diode (LED) lamp for backlight annunciators to help with viewing. Solid-state circuits and wedge bases help annunciator LEDs resist the stresses of automated machinery and heavy equipment. Annunciator ..LEDs come in one-LED and two-LED configurations in super red, super orange, super pure yellow, super green, pure blue, and cool white colors. Standard voltage is 28 volts. Bicolored LED versions and other voltages are options. For more information contact LEDtronics at 310-534-1505, or online at

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