Navy chooses test and measurement multimeter calibrators from FLUKE for checking power electronics devices

April 25, 2024
The Fluke Calibration 5730A high performance multifunction test system calibrates digital multimeters up to long-scale 8.5 digit digital multimeters.

NORCO, Calif. – U.S. Navy test and measurement experts needed multimeter calibrators for the Naval Air Systems Command Metrology and Calibration Program. They found their solution from FLUKE Electronic Corp. in Everett, Wash.

Officials of the Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division in Norco, Calif., announced a $33.8 million contract to FLUKE earlier this month for the company's 5730A/03/AN multimeter calibrators.

The multimeter power electronics calibrators measure AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, wideband frequency, as well as four-wire and two-wire electrical resistance.

The Navy's Metrology and Calibration (METCAL) program seeks the periodic calibration for equipment used in military electronic systems test and measurement to ensure that test and measurement is as accurate as possible.

The Fluke Calibration 5730A high performance multifunction test system calibrates a wide range of digital multimeters, up to long-scale 8.5 digit digital multimeters, as well as RF voltmeters when equipped with the wideband option.

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The 5730A offers improved specifications to help test and measurement experts increase test uncertainty ratios and increase test confidence, company officials say.

These test and measurement units help reduce the need to guardband. The 5730A helps improve performance specifications for AC voltage, AC current, and resistance; offer a 6.5-inch VGA capacitive touchscreen with color graphical user interface; offer visual connection management output terminals to guide connections; have graphical user interfaces in nine languages; are compatible with the FLUKE 52120A and 5725A amplifiers; and offer artifact calibration using 10-volt, 1-Ohm, and 10-kilo-ohm external standards.

On this contract FLUKE will do the work in Everett, Wash., and should be finished by April 2029. For more information contact FLUKE Corp. online at, or the Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona Division at

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