L3Harris tapped to provide NSA Type 1 encryption for trusted computing in U.S. Air Force telemetry systems

July 31, 2020
L3Harris to provide transmission and RF interference testing, upgrades, repair, and support to protect Air Force telecommunications electronics.

EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. – Trusted-computing experts at L3Harris Technologies Inc. will provide National Security Agency (NSA)-approved encryption for U.S. Air Force telemetry systems under terms of a $64.2 million five-year sole-source contract announced Wednesday.

Officials of the Air Force Test Center's Directorate of Contracting at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif., are asking the L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products segment in Bristol, Pa., to manufacture and deliver all telemetry security products (TSP), NSA Type 1 encryption products, and NSA-approved encryption accessories in accordance with individual delivery orders.

L3Harris will provide emanating spurious transmissions test, electromagnetic and RF interference test, product upgrades and enhancement, repair, and technical support as necessary to protect Air Force telecommunications electronics.

NSA Type 1 encryption equipment is any NSA-certified product that has been approved to handle classified information for the U.S. government. NSA Type 1 equipment encrypts and decrypts classified and sensitive national security information when appropriately keyed.

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NSA Type 1 also describes any cryptographic algorithm used in Type 1 encryption equipment. Type 1 devices come with extremely strict requirements for use and protection, and are themselves considered classified, and must be accompanied and guarded at all times.

Military telemetry describes collecting measurements or other data at remote locations and their automatic transmission to receiving equipment for monitoring. It refers to RF and infrared data transfer mechanisms, it also refers to data transferred over telephone or computer networks, optical links or power line carriers.

L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products provides communications and telemetry solutions for airborne, intelligence, maritime, space, and terrestrial applications for the U.S. military, intelligence community, and other government agencies.

On this contract L3Harris will do the work in Bristol, Pa., and should be finished by July 2025. For more information contact L3Harris Telemetry & RF Products online at https://www2.l3t.com/trf/contact/bristol.html, or the Air Force Test Center at www.aftc.af.mil.

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