Navy picks 10 computer companies to provide cyber security software development and hardware engineering

June 17, 2021
Companies to provide cyber security, software development and training, hardware engineering, network engineering and information assurance.

SAN DIEGO – U.S. Navy information warfare experts are naming 10 companies that will compete for cyber security systems engineering support jobs over the next two to eight years under terms of a potential $178.4 million contract announced last week.

Officials of the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific in San Diego are hiring these cyber security companies in a $47.3 million two-year contract, which has software development and hardware options that with options could extend through 2018.

The companies are:

-- Advanced Sciences and Technologies LLC in Berlin, N.J.;

-- Bart & Associates Inc. in McLean, Va.;

-- Dark Wolf Solutions LLC in Chantilly, Va.;

-- Data Intelligence LLC in Marlton, N.J.;

-- Grove Resource Solutions Inc. (GRSi) in Frederick, Md.;

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-- ODME Solutions LLC in San Diego;

-- Solute Inc. in San Diego;

-- Sugpiat Defense LLC in Anchorage, Alaska;

-- Timitron Corp. in Portsmouth, Va.; and

-- Vector Planning & Services Inc. (VPSI) in San Diego.

In addition to cyber security systems engineering support, these companies will provide software development and training, hardware engineering, network engineering, configuration management, and information assurance planning.

The companies will compete for task orders during the ordering period. This two-year contract includes one three-year option period and one two-year option.

On this contract the 10 companies will do the work in Philadelphia, Washington, and San Diego. For more information contact the Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific-San Diego online at

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