Navy eyes enabling technologies and standards for future networking intended to link unmanned vehicles

Sept. 21, 2020
The Common Control System for shared command and control across unmanned vehicles is one way the Navy seeks to integrate unmanned systems.

WASHINGTON – As the U.S. Navy develops its first operational unmanned systems, the service is advocating for new standards that will help develop reliable networking to manage and control unmanned systems and their data. USNI News reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

21 Sept. 2020 -- The Navy’s top uniformed acquisition officer described the service’s new unmanned campaign plan as an effort to create centralized management and leadership of the enabling technologies that will support all the service’s unmanned platforms.

Vice Adm. Jim Kilby, the deputy chief of naval operations for warfighting requirements and capabilities (OPNAV N9), said he is working with Vice Adm. Jeffrey Trussler, the deputy chief of naval operations for information warfare, N2/N6, on the initiative.

According to Kilby, while the Navy’s unmanned platforms are evolving, the service realized it needed to take a harder look at the technologies that will help the unmanned systems operate.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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