Maritime patrol unmanned aircraft with multi-sensor payloads for maritime patrol offered by Aeronautics

May 24, 2021
UAV operates for 24 hours, offers advanced image processing, automatic takeoff and recover, and the ability to navigate with or without GPS datalink.

YAVNE, Israel – Aeronautics Group in Yavne, Israel, is introducing the Orbiter 4 small tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for long-range, long-endurance maritime patrol missions.

The Orbiter 4's high-performance EO/IR and maritime patrol radar payloads are for maritime monitoring, gas and oil rigs protection, illegal activity tracking, and search and rescue.

The Orbiter 4's abilities include endurance of more than 24 hours, and the ability to carry and operate several UAV sensor payloads simultaneously.

The UAV offers advanced image processing capabilities, automatic takeoff and recovery system, and the ability to navigate with or without GPS datalink.

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Airstrip independent, it the Orbiter 4 is able to take-off and land on any type of vessel. Operated by three personnel, it is easy to use, maintain, and carries a low logistical footprint.

The UAV has a wingspan of 17.7 feet, maximum takeoff weight of 110.2 pounds, payload weight of 26.5 pounds, maximum speed of 70 knots, line-of-sight datalink distance of as far as 94 miles, and service ceiling of 18,000 feet.

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