Navy researchers to brief industry on developing power and propulsion for unmanned underwater vehicles

Jan. 26, 2024
Effort seeks to develop unmanned underwater vehicle propulsion that can switch between low and high speeds, and stop and re-start at any time.

ARLINGTON, Va. – U.S. Navy researchers will brief industry in March on a project called Power and Propulsion Systems for Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (N0001424SBC03) to develop long-duration and power-efficient propulsion for next-generation unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs).

Officials of the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Va., will conduct classified-secret industry-day briefings on Monday 4 March 2024 at the Bobby Junker Executive Conference Center - 14th Floor, One Liberty Center, 875 North Randolph Street, in Arlington, Va.

This effort seeks to develop a unmanned underwater vehicles propulsion system that is able not only to switch between low and high speeds, and stop and re-start at any time to propel an underwater vehicle, but also that considers how materials are important to this kind of work.

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The Office of Naval Research is looking for designs to enable extremely long-duration missions through energy harvesting, storage, and management, and efficient use of available power.

Underwater power and propulsion systems should be able to work across a large speed envelope, and use new types of architectures, power systems, fuels, and propulsor designs.

Companies interested in attending the 4 March 2024 industry-day briefings should email secret visit requests no later than 16 Feb 2024 to Yezabeth Cuevas at [email protected] no later than 16 Feb. 2024.

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Companies interested in participating are strong encouraged to submit 5-page white papers no later than 1 April 2024 to

Full proposals are due via no later than 10 June 2024. Awards are expected by December 2024.

Email questions or concerns to the Navy's Jason Boxerman at [email protected] or Matthew Murray at [email protected]. More information is online at

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