NTSB head says aircraft 'close calls' are on the rise and airlines are 'stressed'

March 14, 2023
Jennifer Homendy, the board chair, said the FAA needs to "take action" and get airports better technology, Kenneth Niemeyer reports for Business Insider.

WASHINGTON - The head of the National Transportation Safety Board said that "close calls" between airplanes are on the rise and that the Federal Aviation Administration needs to "take action," Kenneth Niemeyer reports for Business InsiderContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

14 March 2023 - NTSB chair Jennifer Homendy told ABC News' "This Week" on Sunday that close between large commercial aircraft taking off and landing were on the rise, and that the FAA "needs to take action."

"Five, six years ago we called for better technology at airports," Homendy said. "Technology that would notify air traffic control, technology that would notify pilots that there was a potential incursion. One of those recommendations has been open for 23 years. The FAA needs to take action."

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Jamie Whitney, Associate Editor
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