Record number of laser strikes reported by FAA in 2023

Feb. 5, 2024
A total of 13,304 laser incidents marks a 41 percent increase from the previous year, Jonathan Welsh reports for Flying.

WASHINGTON - The FAA said it received 13,304 reports of laser strikes from pilots last year, marking a 41 percent increase over the 9,457 reported during 2022 and setting a record for the growing hazard, Jonathan Welsh reports for FlyingContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

5 February 2024 -The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) notes that shining a laser at an aircraft is a serious safety threat. Many types of high-powered lasers can incapacitate pilots, many of whom are flying airplanes with hundreds of passengers. Pilots have reported 313 injuries since the FAA began recording data on laser strikes in 2010.

“The FAA is committed to maintaining the safest air transportation system in the world. Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a serious safety hazard that puts everyone on the plane and on the ground at risk,” said FAA Administrator Michael Whitaker.

“Like many crimes, there's a need for education, outreach, and cooperation from the public to address this safety risk. We encourage you to report laser strikes to the FAA via our website or to your local law enforcement agency,” said Whitaker.

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
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