EcoGate technology allows commercial air travel ground equipment to share power needs

March 14, 2024
This enables enabling eGSE adoption despite infrastructure constraints, Josh Smith reports for Ground Support Worldwide.

FORT ATKINSON, Wis. - Ground handlers have an important role to play in the aviation industry’s mission to reduce carbon emissions. For the commercial aviation sector to meet its goal of net zero emissions by the year 2050, greener ground services are must. As a result, more focus is being placed on electric ground support equipment (eGSE), Josh Smith reports for Ground Support WorldwideContinue reading original article.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

14 March 2024 - According to Alberto Rocha, director of sales – the Americas at ITW GSE, airports, airlines and ground handlers face the challenge of not having enough electrical infrastructure to operate the required eGSE and cannot increase available power within their current infrastructure. What’s more, infrastructure enhancements can be too costly to justify.

“A major airline in the United States presented a challenge to ITW GSE where they needed 400 Hz and PCA with very limited power available,” explains Rocha. “Our goal is to help our customers and the aviation industry overcome the challenge of not having enough power capacity for gate equipment.”

The system provides the power required to ensure GPU and other units have the power necessary to support turnarounds without overloading the total power supply, Rocha explains. EcoGate can also provide power for other projects, when needed, which helps airport and airlines facilitate the use of more eGSE near the gate.

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Jamie Whitney, Senior Editor
Military + Aerospace Electronics

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