Garmin unveils comprehensive avionics upgrade for Cessna Citation CJ2

March 21, 2024
The retrofit encompasses TXi flight displays, GTN Xi navigators, GFC 600 digital autopilot, and optional upgrades tailored to the CJ2 airframe and operators.

OLATHE, Kan. - Garmin in Olathe, Kan. recently announced plans for a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for the Cessna Citation CJ2, introducing an all-Garmin integrated solution for the light jet. This comprehensive upgrade, replacing the original flight deck, incorporates Garmin's avionics solutions to modernize the aircraft and reduce pilot workload while enhancing safety through new capabilities and technologies. The retrofit encompasses TXi flight displays, GTN Xi navigators, GFC 600 digital autopilot, and optional upgrades tailored to the CJ2 airframe and operators.

The avionics upgrade program, specifically designed for the CJ2, consolidates the fragmented avionics architecture into an integrated cockpit experience. Key components of the retrofit solution include flight displays and navigation. The all-glass cockpit upgrade integrates two G600 TXi flight displays, offering advanced primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function display (MFD) capabilities with a touchscreen interface. Garmin synthetic vision technology (SVT) enhances situational awareness, particularly in adverse weather conditions, while the GI 275 standby flight instrument provides additional redundancy. The system incorporates Stabilized Approach monitoring and aural V-speed alerting to enhance safety during critical phases of flight.

The TXi engine indication system (EIS) replaces the legacy EIS solution. It offers N1 target settings for various flight phases, integrated timers, and pilot-defined N1 reference bugs to optimize engine performance and monitor transient limitations.

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GTN Xi navigators, which are next-generation GPS/NAV/COMM units, enhance navigation capabilities, including coupled descent vertical navigation (VNAV) and wireless flight plan loading. The GTN Xi enables simplified IFR routings and provides comprehensive situational awareness for the flight crew.

The GFC 600 digital autopilot enables advanced automation capabilities such as coupled VNAV descents and Emergency Descent Mode (EDM), the GFC 600 enhances in-flight characteristics and operational efficiency, particularly during high workload scenarios.

The GWX 8000 weather radar system simplifies weather monitoring with auto mode, which automatically adjusts radar settings for accurate weather profiling. Integration with flight displays and navigators enhances weather awareness for improved decision-making.

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Garmin's PlaneSync-connected aircraft management system utilizes 4G LTE or Wi-Fi connectivity. PlaneSync automates avionics database updates and provides remote monitoring of aircraft status, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing manual tasks for operators.

Optional upgrades include the GMA 35C audio panel, GTX 345R transponder, and GDL 69A SiriusXM datalink, which offer additional capabilities such as audio processing, ADS-B compliance, and enhanced traffic awareness.

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