Rugged rectangular connectors with EMI shielding for use in harsh military environments introduced by TE

Dec. 11, 2019
Designed to MIL-DTL-38999 levels of performance, The TE Connectivity 369 series connectors are suited for harsh military and aerospace environments.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – TE Connectivity in Harrisburg, Pa., is introducing the 369 shielded rectangular connectors for environments that demand ambient EMI noise protection.

These connectors are qualified for use in a wide range of commercial aerospace applications, with EMI shielding that opens up new application possibilities.

TE's rectangular connectors have been tested to withstand indirect lightning strikes of 3.6 kiloamps and are rated to provide effective shielding of greater than 60 decibels at low frequencies and greater than 40 decibels at high frequencies.

This EMI protection technology is wrapped in a lightweight, non-toxic, RoHS-compliant composite nickel shell that can lead to as much as 75 percent weight savings. 369 series shielded connectors enable data transfer rates as fast as 100 megabits per second, and are backward-compatible with current 369 product offerings.

These features on the shielded extension complement the 369 series connectors' rugged, versatile design. 369 series connectors are engineered to save valuable space with a lightweight, small form factor design. Designed to MIL-DTL-38999 levels of performance, 369 series connectors are suited for harsh military environments.

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