Development kit for electronic warfare (EW) embedded computing signal processing introduced by Abaco

July 8, 2019
VP430 development kit includes VPX370 development pre-integrated with a 3U VPX SBC329 single-board computer, and the VP430 Direct RF processing system.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Abaco Systems in Huntsville, Ala., is introducing the VP430 development kit to enable embedded computing applications developers make a fast start on the creation, debugging, and optimization of advanced electronic warfare (EW) applications.

The VP430 development kit includes a VPX370 development platform, pre-integrated with a 3U VPX SBC329 single-board computer, and the VP430 Direct RF processing system.

The VP430 was the first 3U VPX COTS solution to feature the all new Xilinx ZU27DR RF system-on-chip (RFSoC) technology. It also has eight A/D converter and D/A converter synchronized channels, and it can synchronize several boards for large system applications.

Designed for advanced EW applications including multiple input/output (MIMO), beamforming, sensor processing, and radar signal processing, the VP430 enables use of fewer boards and much less power while delivering increased processing throughput.

The VPX370 is a six-slot system for aerospace and defense applications. Its modular architecture enables users to add high-performance FPGA and I/O to the base configuration for digital RF memory (DRFM), synchronous multi-channel MIMO systems, and software defined radio (SDR).

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The VP430 enables RF digital sampling, and offers simplified integration with RF sampling devices removes the complexity of JESD204B high speed serial interfaces.

The Xilinx embedded computing RFSoC combines field-programmable gate array (FPGA) processing capability, a multi-processor embedded ARM Cortex-A53 application processing unit (APU), an ARM real time processing unit (RPU) and eight input analog-to-digital converter and eight digital-to-analog converter channels.

Additionally, the Zynq Ultrascale+ architecture integrates this with features to enable high security IP protection. The RFSoC brings analog bandwidth with a sustained throughput of 6 gigasamples per second per channel and greater than 12 gigabytes per second per channel digital offload capability.

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