Rugged video-processing mezzanine module for military graphics embedded computing offered by Curtiss-Wright

March 17, 2020
Embedded computing module is for military video processing and display applications like video stabilization, image processing, and terrain tracking.

ASHBURN, Va. – The Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions division in Ashburn, Va., is introducing the XMC-4740 rugged video-processing mezzanine module for high-performance video processing and display applications.

The product is for aerospace and defense graphics applications with significant video data processing requirements, such as video stabilization, image processing & enhancement, terrain and object tracking or 3D visualization of geospatial data. Curtiss-Wright is introducing it through its reseller agreement with WOLF Advanced Technology in Stouffville, Ontario.

The XMC-4740 has a 1.2 TFLOPS AMD Radeon E9171 graphics processing unit (GPU) that provides twice the performance, at similar power levels, compared to the previous E8860 generation GPU.

The XMC (VITA 42/61) mezzanine module supports as many as five simultaneous display outputs to DisplayPort and DVI output interfaces. The module’s GPU has 4 gigabytes of high-speed GDDR5 128-bit graphics memory. The XMC-4740, available in air- and conduction-cooled configurations.

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Software support for the XMC-4740 includes AMD software drivers that support Linux and Windows applications with OpenGL and Vulkan graphics APIs, as well as OpenCL to accelerate data processing algorithms. RTOS drivers are available for the Wind River VxWorks and Green Hills INTEGRITY-178 tuMP operating environments.

Resulting from Curtiss-Wright’s Reseller Agreement with WOLF Advanced Technology, the XMC-4740 embedded computing module has been pre-validated and is interoperable with Curtiss-Wright’s broad family of 3U and 6U system-level C4ISR OpenVPX solutions.

For more information contact Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions online at, or WOLF Advanced Technology at

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