Marine Corps recruiting leaders look to virtual reality (VR) flight simulators to attract new jet pilots

June 12, 2020
Marine recruiters have six Redbird F-35 simulators, which cost $110,000 each, and 26 Eleetus simulators that mimic MV-22, AH-1Z, and F/A-18 flights.

QUANTICO, Va. – Marine Corps hopefuls soon could land an F/A-18 jet fighter-bomber on a Navy aircraft carrier or fire at virtual reality (VR) targets during low-altitude flights as the Corps looks for new ways to recruit future aviators. reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

12 June 2020 -- Marine Corps Recruiting Command wants to buy six virtual reality flight simulators it can use at events, according to a new request for information and industry day announcement. The goal is not only to attract pilots with the cutting-edge systems, but also future maintainers and crew chiefs.

The Marine Corps currently uses flight simulators at recruiting events, but they're heavy and tough to transport. The hope is to get a new system that fits into a hard-shell case that can be flown on commercial or military aircraft or transported in vans so recruiters can use them at aviation school classroom talks, air shows, career fairs and other events.

The Marine Corps is inviting companies to present possible systems at an industry day later this year. It might be hosted virtually, the notice adds, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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