Arm Cortex microprocessor for artificial intelligence (AI), imaging, and audio introduced by Microchip

June 30, 2022
SAMA7G54 includes a MIPI CSI-2 camera interface and a traditional parallel camera interface for high-performing, low-power AI solutions at the edge.

CHANDLER, Ariz. – Microchip Technology Inc. in Chandler, Ariz., is introducing the SAMA7G54 Arm Cortex A7-based microprocessor that runs as fast as 1 GHz for low-power stereo vision applications with accurate depth perception.

The SAMA7G54 includes a MIPI CSI-2 camera interface and a traditional parallel camera interface for high-performing yet low-power artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that can be deployed at the edge, where power consumption is at a premium.

AI solutions often require advanced imaging and audio capabilities which typically are found only on multi-core microprocessors that also consume much more power.

When coupled with Microchip's MCP16502 Power Management IC (PMIC), this microprocessor enables embedded designers to fine-tune their applications for best power consumption vs. performance, while also optimizing for low overall system cost.

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The MCP16502 is supported by Microchip's mainline Linux distribution for the SAMA7G54, allowing for easy entry and exit from available low-power modes, as well as support for dynamic voltage and frequency scaling.

For audio applications, the device has audio features such as four I2S digital audio ports, an eight-microphone array interface, an S/PDIF transmitter and receiver, as well as a stereo four-channel audio sample rate converter. It has several microphone inputs for source localization for smart speaker or video conferencing systems.

The SAMA7G54 also integrates Arm TrustZone technology with secure boot, and secure key storage and cryptography with acceleration. The SAMA7G54-EK Evaluation Kit (CPN: EV21H18A) features connectors and expansion headers for easy customization and quick access to embedded features.

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