Microcontroller with USB-C power delivery for battery-power portable applications introduced by Infineon

April 11, 2023
PMG1-B1 PD microcontroller integrates USB-C PD controller, buck-boost battery charge controller, high-voltage protection, and a microcontroller.

MUNICH – Infineon Technologies AG in Munich is introducing the single-chip high-voltage EZ-PD PMG1-B1 PD microcontroller with USB-C power delivery for battery-powered applications such as power tools, smart home appliances, and other portable devices.

The PMG1-B1 PD microcontroller integrates a USB-C PD controller, a buck-boost battery charge controller, high-voltage protection circuitry, and a microcontroller. It is based on the Infineon EZ-PD TM stack.

It combines a USB-C PD controller, a buck-boost battery charge controller, a 32-bit Arm Cortex-M0 processor with a 128 kilobyte flash memory microcontroller, and a range of analog and digital peripherals, such as timers, UART, SPI, I²C interfaces, and pulse-width-modulators.

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In addition, the PMG1-B1 integrates V BUS-powered regulators, field effect transistor gate drivers, over-voltage, over-current protection, and V BUS to CC short-circuit protection.

The PMG1-B1 PD microcontroller supports an input voltage range from 4 volts to 24 volts with 40 volts tolerance and programmable 150 to 600 kHz switching frequency to deliver as much as 100 Watts (20 volts, 5 amps) power to the USB-C port.

This enables the charging of two-to-five-cell batteries in an integrated USB-C PD microcontroller. Infineon provides the ModusToolbox firmware development environment. For more information contact Infineon online at www.infineon.com.

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