Safety-critical software for Arm Armv8-A microprocessor architecture on PowerPC introduced by Wind River

May 19, 2023
The Wind River software is for mission-critical avionics applications by enabling users to run unsafe software alongside software certified to DO-178C.

ALAMEDA, Calif. – Wind River Systems in Alameda, Calif., is offering support DO-178C DAL A safety-criticalsoftware for the Wind River Helix virtualization platform for the Arm Armv8-A microprocessor architecture. The latest version of VxWorks 653 provides updated DO-178C DAL A certification evidence for PowerPC.

DO-178C DAL A evidence is a safety-certifiable multi-core multi-tenant processor design with support for several independent levels of criticality.

The Wind River software is designed for a variety of mission-critical applications like commercial and military avionics by enabling users to run unsafe software alongside software certified to the highest level in avionics (DO-178C), automotive (ISO 26262), industrial (IEC 61508), and other similar standards.

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Helix Platform also is ARINC 653-conformant and provides robust time and space partitioning on modern microprocessors to contain faults and enable upgrades with minimal test and integration.

VxWorks 653, with DO-178C DAL A evidence, is safe, secure, and reliable, and is available for PowerPC processors. VxWorks 653 also is ARINC 653-conformant.

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