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Jan. 7, 2014
THE MIL & AERO BLOG, 7 Jan. 2014. Military & Aerospace Electronics is unveiling a redesigned and updated Website at to make it easier and faster for readers to find the news most important to them on a daily basis.
THE MIL & AERO BLOG, 7 Jan. 2014. Military & Aerospace Electronics is unveiling a redesigned and updated Website at to make it easier and faster for readers to find the news most important to them on a daily basis.

The new homepage is designed to be sleek and quick to browse, with a minimum of clutter, which leads the reader to the day's most important story at the top of the page. Scroll down for the latest headlines on the left side of the page. Each item is dated so you can see at a glance which stories are the latest.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics Website received more than 2 million page views in 2013, and the home page redesign is designed to keep you coming back for more.

The home page lead item is the story determined by the Military & Aerospace Electronics editors to be the day's most important, relevant, and helpful read. The lead story can change throughout the day as editors post additional stories.

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In a column down the right side of the home page are clickable icons, each representing the most important topic centers to help readers quickly find the information they need most.

Topic centers are aviation technology; C4ISR; electro-optics; embedded computing; high-rel electronics; power electronics; RF & microwave; sea technology; the Mil & Aero blog; and unmanned vehicles.

Simply click on any of the home-page icons and the site will take you to a landing page with all content on that topic, with archival material that goes back for years. All topic landing page content is organized with the latest stories first.

Click on topics at the top of the page just to the right of the Military & Aerospace Electronics logo, and you'll see additional topic centers for interconnect technology; land technology; space technology; and test and measurement.

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Scroll down below the day's headlines and topic-center icons and you'll find the stories causing the most buzz among Military & Aerospace Electronics readers with the most popular articles column on the left side of the page.

Below on the right are lists of the latest Military & Aerospace Electronics Webcasts, Executive Briefings, industry white papers, the latest comments about Military & Aerospace Electronics on social media such as Twitter and Linkedin, and ways to subscribe to Military & Aerospace Electronics digital products such as e-newsletters and the print magazine.

It's all designed to be clean, fast, and easy to ready. We're busy, and we know you are, too, so we've designed our new home page to save you time and get you the information most relevant to your job.

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Want a deeper dive? Just browse the topics and departments section, which you get to by the strip at the top of the page. On the strip you can choose from home, topics, departments, the print magazine, Webcasts, white papers, executive briefings, the Military & Aerospace Electronics buyers' guide, and mobile applications for your smart phone and tablet computer.

Hover over topics and you'll see a dropdown menu that mirrors the clickable topic icons. Hover over departments and you'll see a dropdown menu consisting of Defense Executive, exclusive content, events, Farnborough Report, headlines, new products, news & analysis, Paris Air Show Report, press releases, print issue online, product applications, The Last Word, The Mil & Aero Blog, video, and wire news.

Defense Executive is the latest business news of interest to program and executive managers. Exclusive content consists of news and opinion you won’t' find anywhere other than Military & Aerospace Electronics. Events is a calendar of upcoming meetings, trade shows, and conferences of interest to the aerospace and defense electronics community.

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The Farnborough Report is the page containing our exclusive coverage of the Farnborough International Airshow in Farnborough, England on even-numbered years. Likewise, the Paris Air Show Report is our coverage of the Paris Air Show in odd-numbered years.

Press releases have industry-relevant company announcements. Print issue is our magazine content. Product applications are design-in case studies. The Last Word is the online version of our monthly industry leader interview. The Mil & Aero blog is our collection of blog posts, video is our collection of produced videos and Rapid Fire interviews, and wire news is what's latest hot on the wire.

So take a look at the newest Military & Aerospace Electronics Website design at

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