Application-specific software design and development tools for aerospace and defense introduced by LDRA

May 24, 2024
Domain-specific design tools provide customized solutions that enable companies to meet the certification requirements of different industries.

WIRRAL, England – LDRA in Wirral, England, is introducing application-specific software design and development tools for the LDRA tool suite to replace running different traceability, software analysis, and compliance tools with one workflow for safety and security standards in aerospace and defense applications.

"With compliance costs and software complexity rising, development teams can no longer afford to procure, manage and maintain independent, disconnected tools," said Ian Hennell, operations director at LDRA.

"Our domain-specific productivity packages provide customized, bundled solutions that allow companies to swiftly meet the stringent certification requirements of myriad industries and manage costs with affordable pricing and efficient tool utilization," Hennell says.

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Each application-specific productivity package encompasses tool capabilities that align with the certification standards of specific industries. The LDRA Productivity Packages offer capabilities ranging from static and dynamic analysis with unit and integration testing to compliance reporting for specific industry standards and assurance levels.

Functional safety and security are fundamental to each of the productivity packages and include capabilities such as coding standards compliance, security assessments, automatic test case generation, execution, artifact generation and compliance reporting.

These productivity packages also offer add-in products to address the unique demands of each of the industries, applications and required integrations. For more information contact LDRA online at

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