EIZO Releases 3U VPX Graphics/GPGPU Card with Three Outputs and Compute Power for Rugged AI at the Edge

Feb. 24, 2021

Altamonte Springs, Florida, February 24, 2021 – EIZO Rugged Solutions Inc., a provider of ruggedized graphics and video products, has released two new variations for the GR2 3U VPX series of ruggedized 3U VPX graphics and GPGPU cards based on the NVIDIA Turing™ architecture. 

Designed to thrive in data-heavy mission computing applications, the Condor GR2 3U VPX series of graphics and GPGPU cards features two faster GPU versions based on the NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ platform – Quadro RTX 3000 or Quadro RTX 5000. With CUDA® processing cores for increased GPU performance, the Condor GR2 3U VPX series is ideal for rugged environments that require real-time data transfer such as in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), maritime radar, unmanned systems, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT). 

Both variants support three video outputs, with two output configurations using either DisplayPort++ or single-link DVI-D. The NVIDIA Turing architecture offers CUDA parallel processing cores that supply capabilities such as mesh shading, variable rate shading, texture space shading, multi-view rendering, and offers multiple precision modes. The added cores support rugged AI at the edge, which allows defense developers to take advantage of GPGPU computing to implement deep learning and AI inference capabilities in their next-generation designs.  

In GPU memory, applications can carry out processing such as image analysis, image enhancement, 360-degree video stitching, sensor fusion, and target detection using GPGPU (CUDA / OpenCL™), all with extremely low latency.

The Condor GR2 3U VPX series delivers real-time performance for encoding applications with dedicated H.264 and H.265 encode engine (NVENC) and a dedicated decoding core for playback (NVDEC). The cards support an unrestricted number of encoding sessions with a performance throughput verified in house of 24x concurrent 1080p30 sessions at default power settings. 

This product is currently available as air cooled or conduction cooled with thermal-efficient heatsink technology. With multiple output configurations, the 3U VPX cards offers I/O customizations with options that include DisplayPort++, single-link DVI-D, and VGA using EIZO Rugged Solutions’ Adapt video converter.

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