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Design engineering

Dawn VME Products

Founded in 1985, Dawn is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of mission critical products based on the VITA™ and PICMG® architectures. Military Rugged. Field Reliable...
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Embedded computers

Extreme Engineering Solutions (X-ES)

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (X-ES) is a leader in the design, manufacture, and support of standard and custom embedded computing solutions.
Data storage - Solid-state memory

Viking Technology

Viking Technology has been delivering leading-edge design and engineering development in the fields of DRAM memory, Flash storage, and Micro-packaging technologies for over 2 ...
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Data-acquisition boards

Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems is a technology company that makes the world a safer, more secure place. We push processing power to the tactical edge, making the latest commercial technologies...
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Communications/network controllers

Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic provides mission critical equipment for demanding defense programs across the world.
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Communications/network controllers

Concurrent Technologies

Concurrent Technologies designs a range of high performance Intel® processor boards, switches, networking, storage and software products for use in embedded computing solutions...

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Single-board computers


Intel® Xeon® D-2700 Processor-Based 3U VPX-REDI Module with 64 GB of DDR4, 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and SecureCOTS™
Peripheral/device controllers

VPX-3673 3U VITA 67.3 RF SOSA Compliant Test Extender Card

SOSA compliant version Test Extender Card. Test your VPX 3U chassis VPX + VITA 67.3 Type C card slots using the Dawn VPX-3673 Test Extender Card.
Single-board computers


13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor-Based 3U VPX-REDI Module with 64 GB of LPDDR5 and Microsemi® PolarFire™ SoC FPGA
Memory boards

16GB MCP: The Industry’s Highest Density Rugged DDR4 Multi-Chip Package

Viking Technology’s newly released 16GB Multi-Chip Package (MCP) is part of the extreme density line of DDR4 memory products optimized for the embedded, industrial, and ...
Memory boards

BGA SSD: Ultra High Capacity Solid State Drive (SSD) for Embedded, Automotive, & Military

Viking Technology’s BGA SSD is an embedded solid state drive (eSSD) solution designed and optimized for a wide range of embedded/industrial applications. This BGA SSD leverages...
Memory boards

DRAM Memory Modules: DDR5, DDR4, DDR3, DDR2

From Enterprise to Embedded to network infrastructure, OEMs from around the world trust in Viking Technology’s DRAM modules and technology. Viking has more than just a long...
Memory boards

NVDIMM: Fully Integrated Persistent Memory

Viking Technology’s NVDIMM is a DDR4 Non-Volatile DIMM, that delivers both performance and reliability to enterprise applications. This persistent memory module has been...
Single-board computers


Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Processor-Based Air-Cooled 6U CompactPCI Module with 48 GB of DDR4 and SecureCOTS™ The XCalibur4702 is a high-performance 6U CompactPCI ...
Single-board computers


Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Processor-Based 6U VME Module with 48 GB of DDR4 and SecureCOTS™ The XCalibur4730 is a secure, high-performance, 6U VME, single board computer...
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FPGA boards

Direct RF DRF3182 FPGA 3U OpenVPX Board

Fast Direct RF Wideband Data Capture at the Edge. COTS 3U VPX processing board powered by the Intel® Stratix® 10 AX SoC FPGA.
5560 P3 P4 Prd Img
FPGA boards

Model 5560 Versal HBM ACAP Coprocessor

Keep up with the latest converter technology at the edge. COTS 3U VPX SOSA aligned coprocessor board fueled by AMD® Versal® HBM.
Scfe6933 600px Wide
FPGA boards

SCFE6933 Rad-Tolerant ACAP Processing Board

Bringing high-performance processing to orbit. COTS 6U SpaceVPX processing board powered by the AMD® Versal® AI.
Exb 7471
Peripheral/device controllers

EXB-7471 3U Intelligent VPX Test Extender Board

3U Intelligent VPX Test Extender Board monitors voltage and current. Remote LCD display shows status. Remote fan option for cooling.
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Data-acquisition boards

eBook: What's the Big Deal About ACAP Technology?

Developing the next generation of beam forming, radar and electronic warfare (EW) systems requires processing higher volumes of sensor data in harsh and SWaP-constrained environments...
Rtm 9265 Combined
I/O boards

RTM-9265 & 9380 6U & 3U Rear Transition Modules

Universal 6U or 3U VPX Rear Transition Module. 06-1019265 Universal RTM breaks out every RJ1-RJ6 connector to a high speed Samtec connector.
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FPGA boards

Direct RF Converters and FPGAs Boost Electronic Warfare Applications

Electronic warfare (EW) involves the acquisition of RF signals of interest followed by signal processing to extract information and deliver an effective response. Adversaries ...
WOLF-9476 WMXM Module
Graphics/imaging boards

WMXM-A2000E-VO (WOLF-9476)

NVIDIA RTXTM A2000, 2560 CUDA® cores, 80 Tensor cores, 20 RT coresChip-down WOLF design and fabrication meet military and aerospace specifications4 independent video outputs with...
WOLF-153L 3U VPX Board
Single-board computers

VPX3U-AD5000E-CX7 (WOLF-153L)

NVIDIA RTX™ 5000 (AD104) GPU with 9728 CUDA Cores, 304 Tensor Cores, 76 RT CoresNVIDIA® ConnectX®-7 provides the module with up to 100GbE Ethernet and a PCIe Gen5 switch16 GB ...
1448 Vpx3 U A4500 E Vo H600
Graphics/imaging boards

VPX3U-AD5000E-VO (WOLF-1538)

NVIDIA RTX™ 5000 (AD103) GPU with 9728 CUDA Cores, 304 Tensor Cores, 76 RT Cores16 GB GDDR6 256-bit memory with up to 576 GB/sUp to 4 DisplayPort outputs, options for DVI/HDMIModule...
Vpx3 U Conduction Cooled H600 (1)
Single-board computers

VPX3U-AD2000E-FGX2-IO (WOLF-1570)

NVIDIA RTX™ 2000 (AD107) GPU with 3072 CUDA Cores, 96 Tensor Cores, 24 RT Cores8 GB GDDR6 128-bit memory, up to 256 GB/sFour 12G-SDI or ARINC 818 outputsOptional DP/DVI/HDMI outputTwo...
Vpx3 U Rtx5000 16 Pcie 134 C Rear H600
Single-board computers

VPX3U-A4500E-CX7 (WOLF-144L)

NVIDIA RTX™ GA104 GPU with 5888 CUDA Cores, 184 Tensor Cores, 46 RT CoresNVIDIA ConnectX-7 provides the module with up to 100GbE Ethernet and PCIe Gen5 switch16 GB GDDR6 256-bit...
Vpx3 U Xavier Cc H600 (1)
Single-board computers


Embedded Ampere GPU with 2048 CUDA cores & 64 Gen3 Tensor cores Embedded 12-core NVIDIA Cortex ARM64 CPU, 2.2GHz64 GB LPDDR5 256-bit memory with up to 205 GB/sConnectX-7, up to...

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