The daq8580 provides a rugged standalone solution designed to address the challenges of processing, transporting and storing full motion video through video encoding. The rugged appliance can interface with a wide variety of analog and digital I/O and can process standard video formats up to 1080p30 as well as computer resolutions up to 1600x1200. A versatile FPGA device combined with dual DSP signal processors provides unparalled compute power for video compression/decompression, video switching and video processing capabilities. The FPGA enables video switching, format conversions, scaling, blending and many other processing functions while the Dual DSP processors enable multichannel video compression and decompression for over 100x reduction in bandwidth without sacrificing video quality. An Ethernet interface is used to stream the encoded UDP bitstream and is also used for issuing control and status commands. Running embedded Linux on dual Arm processors, the device can be configured for various applications and is contained in a small rugged form factor targeted at SWaP (size, weight and power) constrained deployments such as UAVs.