Opto Diode Introduces a High-Temperature Infrared Emitter with Narrow Angle of Emission

July 13, 2020

• The high-power infrared (IR) LED device is ideal for military and industrial tasks.

CAMARILLO, Calif. – July 13, 2020 - Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company,

introduces the OD-110LISOLHT, a high-power, gallium aluminum arsenide (GaAlAs) infrared light-emitting diode (IRLED) illuminator.  With a narrow angle of emission and a wide temperature rating, the new IR emitter is ideal for applications in industrial and defense/military tasks, such as exterior covert lighting on aircraft.

The total power output of the OD-110LISOLHT ranges from 50 mW (minimum) to 100 mW (typical), and features a storage and operating temperature of -65 °C to

+150 °C. Peak emission wavelength is 880 nm with a spectral bandwidth of 55 nm (typical). The half intensity beam angle is 7 degrees (typical). The forward voltage is from 1.75 volts (typical) to 2 volts (maximum) with reverse breakdown voltage ranging from 5 volts (minimum) to 30 volts (typical). Other features include rise and fall times of 20 nanoseconds, respectively. 

Opto Diode’s high-temperature, narrow-angle, 880 nm infrared emitter is housed in a 2-lead TO-39 package with an isolated case, making it easy to safely integrate into new and/or existing systems. The power dissipation is 1000 mW, continuous forward current is 500 mA, with peak forward current (10 µs, 200 Hz)²  at 1.5 A and reverse voltage of 5 volts.

To view thermal derating and typical degradation curves, plus typical radiation pattern, spectral output graphs and more, please download the data sheet here: https://optodiode.com/pdf/OD110LISOLHTDS.pdf.

To learn more about Opto Diode’s full line of sensors, detectors, optoelectronic modules, visible and/or infrared LEDs, and photonics assemblies for critical applications, visit: www.optodiode.com.

Opto Diode Corporation (Camarillo, CA - www.optodiode.com), an ITW Company, delivers industry-leading sensors, photodiodes, IR detectors, photonic modules, assemblies, and LEDs. Available in standard and custom designs, Opto Diode products have earned a reputation for high performance, superior quality and reliability for over 30 years. Opto Diode offers advanced performance sensors from the extreme ultraviolet (UV) to the mid-infrared (mid-IR). Our products provide unparalleled high-energy particle, electron, X-ray, and UV detection along with superior sensitivity to discriminate trace gases or detect heat, sparks, or flames in the mid-IR spectrum.  Other products include high performance LEDs with radiometric emissions from 365 to 940 nm and IR emitters covering 1 to 10 microns.

Opto Diode serves a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, biotechnology, food processing, medical, military/defense, industrial, semiconductor equipment manufacturing, and test & measurement.  Our manufacturing process is in a cleanroom environment, from start to finish.  Opto Diode’s domestic U.S. facility is optimized for design and manufacturing with an on-site wafer fabrication, class 1,000 to class 10,000 clean rooms, extensive assembly capabilities and packaging expertise.  From prototyping to high-volume production, we manufacture wafers-to-components then package and assemble photonic modules-to-optoelectronic sub-systems. For more information, visit www.optodiode.com.           

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