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Avantier Inc

Is an unparalleled leader in providing custom optical systems solutions. We offer advance precision custom optical design, optical engineering, optical lens assembly, rapid optical...
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Adhesives, encapsulants and bondings

Master Bond

Master Bond custom formulates adhesives, sealants and coatings for structural bonding and electronic applications for aerospace and defense manufacturers, for over 45 years.
Integrated circuits, analog - Rectifiers

Gaia Converter

Offers DC converters from 4–200W, AC/DC PFC converters from 35–350W, EMI filters and input transient protections for modular power architectures. Designs and manufactures over...
Optical coatings/treatments

Deposition Sciences Inc (DSI)

DSI produces optical thin film coatings. Featuring Flexible Sputtered Coatings, Sunshade Thermal Coating, Long/short Wave Pass, Bandpass Filters, Dark Mirrors, Notch Filters, ...
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Communications/network controllers

Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic provides mission critical equipment for demanding defense programs across the world.

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Optical imaging

Understanding Key Optical Techniques: Fluorescence-Lifetime Imaging

Key Takeaways FLIM Advances Diagnostics: FLIM offers precise views of living cells and proteins, aiding diagnoses and enhancing understanding of diseases like cancer. TCSPC Measures...

Flow Cytometry Part 3: Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Flow Cytometer Optics

Key Takeaways: Flow cytometry is a method for studying cells using fluorescent tagging and optical analysis as they flow past a laser. Improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR...
Optical filters

Case Study: Long Working Distance Microscope Objective Lens

Key Takeaways: The 50X long working distance microscope objective lens offers high magnification for clear visualization in biomedical and precision testing applications. ...
Optical filters

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments

Case Study: Objective Lens for Laser Instruments with Wavelengths (350-850nm) in Medical Devices Introduction Avantier, a leading custom optics company, recently undertook...
Optical imaging

Case Study – Microlens Arrays for UV, VIS, and NIR Video Imaging Cameras

Key Takeaways The project uses microlens arrays on flexible substrates to control light precisely, benefiting UV, VIS, and NIR video imaging cameras with broad wavelength coverage...
Optical imaging

Replacing Spherical Lens with Aspheric Lens

Key Takeaways Aspheric lenses possess a variable radius of curvature, allowing for a gradual change in shape that corrects optical aberrations effectively.  Aspheric lenses...

Case Study: Objective Lens: Small diameter and short overall length in the optical system

Key Takeaways Avantier’s small objective lens revolutionizes medical optical systems, particularly in dental health applications. This project focuses on utilizing a higher...

Case Study: High and Low Temperature Resistant 25X Objective Lens: High Imaging Quality & High-Resolution Performance

Key Takeaways Avantier’s project introduces a custom-designed 25X objective lens for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer systems, specifically tailored for researching isotopes...

Live-Cell Imaging with Advanced Microscope Technology

Key Takeaways Live-cell imaging is revolutionizing cellular biology, offering insights into cellular behavior, developmental stages, and drug impact. This method visualizes individual...
Optical filters

Exploring Applications of Optical Polarization – Part 3

Introduction Optical polarization is a phenomenon where light waves oscillate in a specific direction, leading to various applications across a wide range of fields. Understanding...
Optical filters

Understanding Optical Polarization: Polarizers and Waveplates Explained – Part 2

Polarization is a fundamental property of light, crucial in optics and various applications. It involves the orientation of the electric field vector in a light wave as it propagates...
Optical filters

What is Optical Polarization?

Optical polarization, a crucial aspect of optics, involves intricate interactions between light and matter.  While optical design typically focuses on wavelength and intensity...
Optical filters

Case Study : Large Prisms

 Key Takeaways The article introduces large prisms, which are vital in scientific research, medical imaging, communication, and laser processing.  A project employing...
Optical imaging

Case Study – Under Water Double-Convex Aspheric Lens

Key Takeaways Double-Convex Aspheric lens designed for diverse light, especially underwater.  Tailored optical system for > 500mm wavelengths. Petite <3mm double-convex...
Optical imaging

Case Study: Fisheye Lenses

Key Takeaways A scientific institute faced distortion and chromatic aberration issues in high-performance lenses, affecting image quality and accuracy for scientific observation...
Avantier&apos;s Photonics West 2024 Highlights

Avantier's Photonics West 2024 Highlights

Experience the forefront of photonics technology with Avantier! We're delighted to have connected with you at the Photonics West Exhibition. Your insights and discussions about...
Optical imaging

Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations

Case Study: Two-Aspheric Cemented Lenses for Enhanced Image Clarity in Ophthalmic Examinations Avantier manufactures a two-aspheric cemented lens by combining two aspheric lenses...
Custom Optics vs Off-the-Shelf Optics

Custom Optics vs Off-the-Shelf Optics

Embark on a journey with Adam and Morgan from Avantier as they dissect the difference between custom optics and off-the-shelf optics. Learn how off-the-shelf optics offer quick...
Optical imaging

On-Orbit Satellite Imaging Case Study

Background of the Product Development: Satellites play a critical role in modern communication, Earth observation, and scientific research. For on-orbit satellites, the optical...

Applications of Raman Spectroscopy

Applications of Raman SpectroscopyRaman spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique that provides insights into the molecular composition and structure of materials. Raman...

Case study: F-Theta Lens

Innovative F-theta Lens Design for Expanded Field of View in Laser Applications
Satisloh SPS-200
Optical filters

Satisloh SPS-200

Welcome to Avantier, your partner in optical solutions for over five decades. Explore precision optics in our latest video featuring the cutting-edge Satisloh SPS-200. Witness...

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