March 8, 2022

Bohemia, N.Y. – Dayton T. Brown, Inc. (DTB), today announced that it has invested $1.25 million in its laboratory in Bohemia, New York, to expand advanced testing capacity and position the Company for future growth in the aerospace, defense, and aviation markets.  With the expanded capability, DTB has addressed the increasingly stringent requirements of these growing markets while answering customer requests for faster turnaround times and flexible scheduling options.  The investment includes:   

Self-contained, Walk-in Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber.  This addition augments current testing capability by adding a 10’ x 10’ x 10’, mid-size chamber option for customers, thereby increasing competitiveness and shortening lead times.  This new chamber performs MIL-STD-810 and DO-160 temperature and humidity testing with higher and lower temperature extremes and faster ramp rates, features needed for contemporary testing requirements for products such as electric vehicle batteries, engine assemblies, and military munitions and weapons.

Custom-Built Solar Chamber.  This provides a 12’ x 24’ x 10’ chamber designed to accommodate MIL-STD-810, ASTM, and ANSI testing specifications.  Specialized solar testing measures the effects of the light intensity generated when commercial or military products such as automotive parts, computer screens, or handheld electronics sit in the sun for an extended period, along with aiding in the understanding of the effects of solar activity on climate change.

Upgraded Vibration Facilities and Capabilities.  Several vibration tables have been reconfigured and upgraded, expanding DTB’s capacity for dynamics testing.  The Company has combined its Unholtz Dickie T1000s, MB Dynamics C150s, and temperature hoods with new vibration control computers.  This updated system allows DTB to meet a wider variety of test scheduling needs for the aerospace industry as well as the increased requirements of the Navy community.

Central Facility Hydraulic Power Supply.  This upgrade is composed of three hydraulic power supply systems which provide redundancy and capacity to support the laboratory and its growing testing needs.  The new power supplies are used to support DTB’s hydraulic, structural, and seismic testing capabilities, required for the growing aerospace market.   

Scanning Electron Microscope.  Features like dispersive spectroscopy, a color chamber scope, and a stage navigation system, assist the Company’s growing need to perform engineering analysis and reverse engineering in support of service life extension programs (SLEP). 

6-axis Portable Measurement Arm.  Specialized for high-accuracy probing, and flexible enough to be used nearly anywhere on the manufacturing floor, this tool helps to ease bottlenecks and reduce lead times.  This state-of-the-art measuring arm delivers real-time dimensional feedback at the point of production for interim and final product and fixture fabrication.  Improvements such as this enhance DTB’s recently expanded fabrication and machining center, offering customers in-house machining, tooling, and test fixture design and fabrication option to go along with engineering and test services.  One-stop-shopping leads to reduced turn-around times and streamlined scheduling for customers’ mission-critical programs.

“We continue to expand our capabilities and push the boundaries of innovation here on Long Island to remain the most comprehensive test facility able to supply all our customer’s testing needs under one roof,” commented Jim Kelly, President, Dayton T. Brown, Inc.  “We’re committed to responding to customer needs by advancing capabilities, increasing capacity, and providing flexibility to meet challenging schedules,” he continued.

About Dayton T. Brown, Inc.

Dayton T. Brown, Inc. (DTB) has been synonymous with the pursuit of excellence and customer service for over 70 years.  As a leader in the fields of testing, engineering, logistics, technical publications, and military mission systems, DTB has gained national respect and recognition.  The Company was founded in 1950 and is headquartered on 32 acres in Bohemia, NY.  Today, the Company is composed of three divisions, whose operations are widely diversified yet complement one another.

The Engineering & Test Division provides testing services for aerospace and defense, life support and survival equipment, automobile, rail, transit, and other systems.  Standalone engineering services include component and system evaluation, design and fabrication of specialized test equipment, field data acquisition, instrument calibration, design and failure analysis, preparation of test procedures, product improvement, and reverse engineering services.

The Technical Services Division provides technical documentation and logistics/maintenance planning.  Typical publication and illustration services include technical writing, technical illustration and graphics, data conversions, parts listing, and S1000D training and support.  Logistics services include parts provisioning, supportability analysis, level of repair analysis, and other maintenance planning support. 

The Mission Systems Division supports DoD rapid prototyping and limited production of updates to military aircraft and ground systems with a focus on the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance community.  Offering the breadth and depth of engineering expertise required to understand system requirements for design, prototyping, production, and support, Mission Systems delivers the best solution for your mission-critical program.

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