QuickChat: Creating Test Systems for Longevity

July 18, 2023
Tom Sarfi, Business Development Manager at Pickering Interfaces, details the latest trends in the test industry, key distinctions between military aerospace and commercial testing, and types of applications using signal switching and simulation the most.

Pickering Interfaces has over 50 years of experience in switching for automated test and takes great pride in a collaborative, creative and agile culture. Pickering is continually expanding their range of inventive PXI, PCI, LXI and USB switching and simulation products, software and services to meet the latest challenges in the test industry and help engineering teams get their job done on time and on budget. 

In this QuickChat, Jamie Whitney of Military & Aerospace Electronics sits down with Tom Sarfi, Business Development Manager at Pickering Interfaces, to discuss obsolescence and scalability, trends in product integration to a twenty-year test system, and types of applications where signal switching and simulation are most prevalent.

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