S2U Long Form Catalog

May 11, 2017
The S2U “King Cobra” is a major breakthrough in server technology. It
is the smallest, fastest rack-mount server on the market, with more I/O
performance and storage functionality than any other server. It replaces
several 1U/2U servers, switches/routers, RAID controllers, and Auxiliary
Power Units (APU) with a single 2U, 17-inch deep (short) rack-mountable
(or freestanding) enclosure. Furthermore, 100% of the “King Cobra”
electronics modules are Line Replaceable Units (LRU) speciBcally
designed for Beld replacement and upgrading. This at-the-module
100% LRU functionality allows the user to replace any function of the
system in the Beld within seconds, thus providing ultimate Bexibility and
minimizing down time.
The S2U features state-of-the-art CPU, packaging, and cooling design,
utilizing the rugged and proven OpenVPX (VITA 65) architecture.
Unlike PC motherboards, which virtually all servers use, the “King
Cobra” OpenVPX design can withstand much higher shock, vibration,
and temperatures than standard servers. The “King Cobra” utilizes a
modular subsystem design allowing the OEM user to upgrade or change
the server’s conBguration in the Beld quickly and economically. This
reliable, Beld-proven OpenVPX architecture also takes full advantage
of commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) PCI Express (PCIe) boards such as
ultra-high-performance video boards, RAID controllers, and DSP
modules, which may be quickly and easily plugged/unplugged into the
system within seconds. OpenVPX is also used for the redundant, N+1
hot-swappable power supply modules.