DIN rail-mount power modules introduced by TDK-Lambda for test, industrial control, and battery chargers

May 21, 2019
TDK-Lambda is introducing the DRM40 series DIN rail-mount power redundancy modules for test equipment, industrial process control, and battery chargers.

By Mil & Aero staff

SAN DIEGO – TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. in San Diego is introducing the DRM40 series DIN rail-mount power redundancy modules for test and measurement equipment, industrial process control, factory automation, and battery chargers.

The two 20-amp 10-to-30-volt DC rated inputs can be connected to provide a 20-amp redundant configuration, or using the load balancing option, to deliver a 40-amp output. For capacitive and inductive loads, the DRM40 will support an additional 50-percent peak load for four seconds.

The use of low-loss MOSFET reverse current protection devices reduces the internal voltage drop to just 200 millivolts. Applications include industrial process control, factory automation, battery chargers, and test and measurement equipment.

If the input currents are unbalanced, the DRM40 front panel mounted LED is off. When the input voltages are adjusted and the load current is shared equally, the LED is illuminated.

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In addition, the DRM40 has two isolated DC Good PhotoMOS relays to indicate that each input voltage is between the limits of 10 and 30 volts. Two front panel mount DC Good LEDs provide visual indication. For cost sensitive applications the DRM40B has identical electrical performance without the current balance and DC Good functions.

The DRM40 series power electronics is housed in a compact rugged metal enclosure, with overall dimensions of 35 by 124 by 125 millimeters, and is suitable for mounting on TS-35/7.5 and TS-35/15 DIN rails.

The operating ambient temperature is -40 to +70 degrees Celsius with no derating. Both models are safety certified to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1, IEC/EN/UL/CSA 62368-1, UL 508, and are CE marked for the low voltage, EMC and RoHS directives.

For more information contact TDK-Lambda online at https://us.tdk-lambda.com.

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