Rugged rackmount power supply with fan speed control for quieting and power saving introduced by TDK Lambda

Sept. 4, 2019
1U full-rack 1.7-kilowatt AC/DC programmable power supply series is for research test and measurement applications in the aerospace industry.

NEPTUNE, N.J. – TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. in Neptune, N.J., is introducing the TDK-Lambda 1U full-rack 1.7-kilowatt AC/DC programmable power supply series for research test and measurement applications in the aerospace, industrial, semiconductor, and renewable energy industries.

This power electronics device provides the user with a choice of 10 different models, ranging from 10 volts at 170 amps to 600 volts at 2.8 amps.

Built into a lightweight 1U high, 19-inch-wide rackmount chassis, the 1.7-kilowatt power supply series offers five embedded front panel setup menus that address digital communication, protective functions, operating configuration, system configuration, and system triggering.

These embedded menus offer user-selectable functions including internal resistance simulation and slew-rate control of output voltage/current and have the capability to generate, store, recall and activate up to four on-board arbitrary waveform profiles.

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All models can operate in constant-current (CC), constant-voltage (CV) as well as the newly offered constant-power (CP) limit and have conversion efficiencies to 90 percent.

Operation from a wide-range single-phase AC inputs of 85 volts AC to 265 volts AC is standard along with built-in power factor correction and cooling fan speed control.

Safety features include user-selectable safe-start/auto re-start and last setting memory along with other built-in protective functions (OVP, UVL, UVP, FOLD-CV, FOLD-CC, OCL and OTP).

Users can connect as many as four units in parallel with an auto-configuring advanced parallel system that provides dynamic response and output voltage ripple/noise characteristics comparable with that of a single unit.

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All model functions can be programmed locally via the menu-driven front panel display or remotely using software instrument drivers with any one of the three built-in standard digital interfaces.

The 1.7-kilowatt power supply series carries a five-year warranty, has safety certifications to IEC/EN/UL/cUL 60950-1 and has CE marking in accordance with the low voltage, EMC (IEC/EN 61204-3; industrial environment) and RoHS 2 directives.

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