Rugged RF and microwave narrowband power coupler for airborne military uses introduced by Link Microtek

Nov. 25, 2019
The rugged power coupler features rugged construction, and is fabricated from lightweight aluminum to make it suitable for airborne applications.

BASINGSTOKE, England – Link Microtek Ltd. in Basingstoke, England, is introducing the AM90CD-LP miniature narrowband dual-loop coupler that enables designers to incorporate forward and reverse power monitoring in military or commercial RF and microwave systems that are subject to tight space constraints.

With flange dimensions of 41.5 by 41.5 millimeters and a waveguide length of 33.6 millimeters, the device is an alternative to much larger conventional broadband couplers.

It features a rugged construction and is particularly suitable for airborne applications as it is fabricated from lightweight aluminum and can be pressurized to 30 pounds per square inch gauge (PSIG) if necessary.

The coupler can be specified with any standard size of waveguide, so it can serve in a wide range of system operating frequencies. As a dual-loop device, it monitors forward and reverse power at the same time using the two SMA ports on each side -- one of which is fitted with a termination.

Capable of handling 15 kilowatts of peak power and 400 Watts average power, the AM90CD-LP delivers a nominal coupling factor of 40dB. The device is finished with chromium-free passivation, for enhanced corrosion resistance, and satin black epoxy paint.

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