MilSource is platinum award winner for Techaya MILTECH 404 rugged battlefield power and networking device

Oct. 6, 2020
The MILTECH 4040 delivers and manages power over the same channels that provide network data management -- all in a compact, lightweight form factor.

NASHUA, N.H. – Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace have recognized MilSource in El Segundo, Calif., as a platinum-level winner in the publications' 2020 Innovators Awards for the company's Techaya MILTECH 404 Techaya MILTECH 404 rugged manpack power and Ethernet network-management device.

The MILTECH 4040 delivers and manages power over the same channels that provide networking and data management -- all in a compact, lightweight form factor.

The manpack device combines Ethernet, USB, serial, SMBUS, and an open Linux architecture to provide communication between several soldier-carry devices while managing and supplying power to the devices.

The MILTECH 404 comes with one 10/100 fast Ethernet data port; three USB 2.0 ports; one serial (RS232) port; and one external power source input. A system on module (SOM) running Linux provides power management and is available for other tactical applications.

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The 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics and Intelligent Aerospace Innovators Awards are to recognize products as solutions to difficult aerospace and defense systems design challenges. The awards are in three tiers: platinum, gold, and silver. The awards were announced on 7 Sept. 2020.

All ports provide both Vbat and 5-volt DC, according to Nett Warrior pinout. The system is rated to MIL-STD 810F and IP 68, measures 4.6 by 4.85 by 0.98 inches, and weighs 10.6 pounds.

Techaya’s MILTECH 404 is an integrated soldier power and data management system (ISPDS) combining USB, serial, and SMBUS communication along with full smart power management for infantry soldiers.

Today’s soldiers face an increasing heavy load of equipment, such as mobile control, field communications, weapons, intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance -- as many as 12 separately powered devices at a time, which requires lugging five or six different batteries.

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Integrated soldier power and data systems (ISPDS), is also known as a soldier-worn power and data hub can help lighten the load and makes power management more controlled. The ISPDS enables simultaneous connectivity and control over data transmission and power management of several wearable devices.

Still, most of these ISPDS are closed-architecture solutions that enable warfighters only to integrate certain radios, sensors, and computers, and cannot integrate with other bigger picture applications.

The Techaya MILTECH 404 gives designers and software developers an open platform to create field-deployed applications that integrate both power and data information over devices.

The Linux-based system on module (SOM) helps warfighters reduce the number of devices they carry; make the most of battery lifetime to support applications; provides IP addresses to individual USB ports; and provides an open hosting platform.

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As a base ISPDS, Techaya MILTECH 404 supplies one port of fast Ethernet, three USB 2.0 ports, one serial port, and one external power source.

It provides power Information such as battery voltage, battery current, charging status, overall current, and control to turn off and off devices. The MILTECH 404 also can add IP addresses to every USB port to extend traditional USB connectivity.

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