Trench Schottky rectifiers for automotive and LED lighting power diode applications introduced by Nexperia

June 10, 2021
Trench technology results in low leakage, reduces Qrr stored charge in the device, and delivers fast switching to cut losses in the rectifier.

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands – Semiconductor expert Nexperia in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, is introducing MEGxxxTx Trench Schottky rectifiers with devices rated to 100 volts and 20 amps for automotive applications, LED lighting, and other rugged and industrial power diode applications.

The parts feature switching behavior and thermal performance, and are available in Nexperia's Clip Bond FlatPower (CFP) packages that have a smaller footprint than SMA/SMB/SMC components.

Trench technology results in low leakage and also reduces the Qrr stored charge in the device, and deliver fast switching, which can cut the switching losses of the rectifier and the losses that are induced in the MOSFET in the same commutation cell -- a configuration that is commonly used in asynchronous switch-mode power converters.

Nexperia's PMEGxxxTx devices additionally provide a wide safe operating area to deliver an extra safety margin and reduce the risk of thermal runaway. Nexperia offers 32 Trench Schottky rectifiers rated from 40 to 100 volts and as much as 15 amps in volume production.

The PMEGxxxTx devices for automotive and industrial applications are housed in Clip Bond FlatPower packages CFP3/5/15(B). These size- and thermally efficient packages have become the industry standard for power diodes. A solid copper clip reduces thermal resistance and transfers heat into the ambient environment.

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