High-current ceramic core chip inductor for military and commercial radar applications introduced by Gowanda

March 14, 2022
Series meets outgassing requirement of 1 percent when tested to ASTM E595, and standard terminations are gold-plated nickel and RoHS-compliant.

GOWANDA, N.Y. – Gowanda Electronics in Gowanda, N.Y., is introducing the SMP0603 ceramic core chip inductor series for power electronics in military test and measurement, industrial control, automotive applications.

These high-performance chip inductors were designed to address the power electronics market need for ceramic chip inductors with high current handling. An inductor with a high current rating is essential for DC-DC converters and switching power supplies used in electric vehicles and charging stations.

This chip inductor series also is suited for RF applications such as communications, guidance, security, and radar.

Gowanda's SMP0603 inductor series performance range provided by the 37 discrete parts within the SMP0603 series includes Inductance from 1.8 to 27 nanohenries DCR Ohms from 0.01 to 0.04, and current rating milliamps DC from 1750 to 3400.

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This series, meets a total mass loss outgassing requirement of 1 percent when tested in accordance with ASTM E595. Standard terminations are gold-plated nickel and RoHS-compliant.

The SMP0603 inductors are designed with a flat top cover for pick-and-place assembly and they are suitable for reflow soldering for radar and test applications. Operating temperature range is -40 to 125 degrees Celsius.

For more information contact Gowanda Electronics online at www.gowanda.com.

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