Spring-loaded connectors that resist structural failure and provide multi contact points offered by Mill-Max

June 27, 2022
Connectors use Omniball contacts -- spring-loaded pins in which a gold-plated brass ball replaces the traditional plunger for several contact points.

OYSTER BAY, N.Y. – Mill-Max Manufacturing Corp. Inc. in Oyster Bay, N.Y., is introducing the Omniball spring-loaded connectors for applications that require several points of contact in sliding or rotational orientations.

The Omniball spring-loaded contact features a rolling ball interface, that makes contact between components in axial and non-axial alignments.

The connectors use Omniball contacts -- spring-loaded pins in which a gold plated brass ball replaces the traditional plunger. When engaged, the ball compresses and rolls makes contact and then slides parallel while spring force ensures consistent electrical contact.

This rolling action prevents binding, premature wearing, and structural failure that traditional plunger-style spring-pin connectors can be prone to.

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Omniball connectors come in single- and double-row configurations, have a pin-to-pin spacing of 4 millimeters, a 6.76-millimeter above-board height, and are available in through-hole or surface-mount termination styles.

There are options for threaded inserts to provide secure mounting in rugged applications and for alignment pegs on the SMT connectors. Insulator material is Nylon 4/6 for high-temperature performance, dielectric strength, and mechanical toughness.

Omniball contacts feature 0.030-inch maximum stroke, gold plating on all components and a .091-inch-diameter ball interface. These spring-loaded pins have been tested to one million compression cycles and rolled over 67 miles at half stroke while still meeting specifications for contact resistance of 30 milliohms.

For more information contact Mill-Max online at www.mill-max.com.

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