Extended-temperature battery pack to increase runtime of standard UPS to 16 minutes introduced by SynQor

Oct. 25, 2022
Internal heaters warm the battery to enable a standard UPS to charge or discharge the battery at ambient temperatures as cold as -40 degrees Celsius.

BOXBOROUGH, Mass. – SynQor Inc. in Boxborough, Mass., is introducing the BAT-0400-M-1U-000 battery pack for use with the company's military-grade uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for military and aerospace applications.

The military-grade battery pack is an efficient, low-weight, compact, sealed lithium polymer battery self-contained unit, with energy capacity of 400 Watt hours to increase the runtime of a standard UPS to 16 minutes at full load.

The battery also expands the operating temperature range of standard or shallow-rack UPS units. The battery has internal heaters to warm the battery from -40 to 0 degrees Celsius to enable standard UPS to charge or discharge the battery at ambient temperature as cold as -40 C. The battery includes automatic cell-to-cell balancing and over- and under-temperature protection.

The extended-temperature battery pack offers hot-swappable internal battery; primary and secondary voltage and current protection circuits; automatic cell-to-cell balancing circuitry; over and under temperature protection; sealed, shock-proof, and weather-proof construction; and a weight 11.8 pounds.

For more information contact SynQor online at www.synqor.com.

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