120-, 208- or 240-volt AC charging cables for electric vehicles with J1772 connector offered by Transtector

Feb. 22, 2024
J1772 connector has pins for transferring power and proximity sensing, and a J1772-to-NACS adapter to help with for charging EVs with NACS ports.

HAYDEN, Idaho – Transtector Systems in Hayden, Idaho, is introducing a line of electric vehicle (EV) charging cables for the Level 2 charging application that employ the J1772 connector.

Level 2 EV charging stations are deploying rapidly in high volume at public charging stations, convenience stores, businesses, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, universities, and housing units.

Transtector's charging cables provide faster charging than Level 1 and offer an economical alternative to DC fast chargers. The cables can accept 120-, 208- or 240-volt AC power. The AC rapid-charging cables are available in three versions based on charging rate: 32, 40, or 48 amps.

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Transtector's electric vehicle charging cables feature the J1772 connector, which is one of the most common charging ports for electric vehicles in the United States and Canada for Level 1 and Level 2 applications.

The J1772 connector includes pins for transferring power and proximity sensing. Combined with a J1772-to-NACS adapter, these cables also are for charging EVs with NACS charging ports.

For more information contact Transtector Systems online at www.transtector.com.

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