Voltage selectors to help enhance circuit-switching power electronics applications introduced by SCHURTER

May 3, 2024
Changing tin to silver terminals improves solder connection and contact resistance to enhance stability and efficient operating performance over time.

SANTA ROSA, Calif. – SCHURTER Inc. in Santa Rosa, Calif., is introducing an upgraded version of the company's SWZ series voltage selectors for use in applications with other types of circuit switching to attain varying modes of operation.

By upgrading the plating of the terminals from tin to silver, the six-position selector features elevated mechanical and electrical performance.

Known primarily for use as voltage selectors, the SWZ series of power electronics devices enables users to determine the function of each position by wiring options in series-parallel for multi-faceted adaptation of the selectors.

The change from tin to silver plating on the terminals improves the solder connection and contact resistance of each terminal to enhance functionality, reliability, stability and efficient operating performance over time.

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Enhancing solder voltage selectors connections and reducing contact resistance in audio applications, for example, ensures consistent performance in the integrity of audio signals.

The SWZ1 denotes the screw-on panel-mount version with solder terminals. The SWZ2 is the circuit board mount version for more compact installation.

For more information contact SCHURTER online at www.schurter.com.

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