Fixed attenuators for radar, test and measurement, and other RF and microwave uses introduced by BroadWave

June 23, 2021
Applications include test and measurement equipment, telecommunication systems, base stations, radar, and others military programs.

GREENWOOD, Ind. – BroadWave Technologies Inc. in Greenwood, Ind., is introducing the model series 352-210-XXX* line of 50-Ohm 2-Watt fixed attenuators for analyzing harmonic signals or isolating a device under test.

Applications include RF and microwave equipment, telecommunication systems, base stations, radar applications, high precision applications such as military and defense programs.

These attenuators reduce the amount of power delivered in a transmission line without introducing much noise or distortion., and are rated at 2-Watts average power with 1.40:1 maximum voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR).

The operating frequency range is DC to 2500 MHz, attenuation values are 1 to 40 decibels, the operating temperature range is -55 to 100 degrees Celsius and the RF connectors are N female / N female.

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