Marines ask InCadence to build biometric system to discern friend from foe during unconventional warfare

June 2, 2020
The IDS-MC is a handheld device that captures biometric data like fingerprints, iris, and face to compare with an existing database to confirm identity.

QUANTICO MARINE BASE, Va. – U.S. Marine Corps leaders needed a portable biometric system to discern friend from foe on the battlefield. They found their solution from InCadence Strategic Solutions Corp. in Manassas, Va.

Officials of the Marine Corps Systems Command at Quantico Marine Base, Va., announced a $16 million contract to InCadence Strategic Solutions on Friday for Identity Dominance System-Marine Corps Increment 2 (IDS-MC Inc. 2) systems and related services.

The Marines are asking InCadence for full-rate production of IDS-MC Inc. 2 systems, software development, maintenance, and spare parts to keep pace with technical advances and cyber security requirements.

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The IDS-MC is a handheld device that captures biometric data like images of a subject's fingerprints, iris, and face. Marines compare this information with an existing database to confirm a suspect’s identity.

The device is smaller, more ergonomic, and more user-friendly than the first version of the system, Marine Corps officials say. IDS-MC Increment 2 offers enhanced matching algorithms, rapid processing speed, and data synchronization to help Marines to share data without manually submitting information.

The device also lightens the load for Marines in the field because the system is small enough to fit in a cargo pouch.

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The device can remove guesswork of separating friend from foe in the field -- particularly for Marines involved in unconventional warfare -- and help prevent enemies from entering sensitive areas like military bases.

InCadence won a Marine Corp. Rapid Innovation Fund contract in June 2018 to stimulate innovative technology from small businesses that resolve operational challenges and switch this technology into military acquisition programs. The Marines gave the go-ahead for system production last fall.

On this contract InCadence will do the work in Manassas, Va., and -should be finished by May 2025. For more information contact InCadence Strategic Solutions online at, or Marine Corps Systems Command at

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