Interface board for electro-optical video camera in surveillance applications introduced by dPict Imaging

Oct. 15, 2021
Applications include onboard moving and mobile platforms, unmanned aerial and land vehicles, off-road exploration, or public-safety vehicles.

INDIANAPOLIS – Electro-optical sensor specialist dPict Imaging Inc. in Indianapolis is introducing the DP-800S camera interface board for surveillance applications aboard unmanned vehicles.

The board converts raw video data from Sony block cameras and to produce 4K SDI video output. The board is designed to output 4K SDI video up to 4K 60 (or 12G), however, all video resolutions of the camera are supported. The DP-800S board also provides power to the camera, USB for camera firmware updates, VISCA, and serial support.

HDMI and SDI video are implemented in the onboard field-programmable gate array (FPGA). In addition, the FPGA contains a soft processor that enables the board to overlay data from telemetry devices, live text, and bitmap sources onto the output video in real-time.

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The overlay data comes through the serial port. This real-time overlay capability, without the requirement of additional external processing hardware, enables operations in constrained space or remote applications.

Examples include, onboard moving and mobile platforms, like UAV or ROV operations and in conventional moving vehicles such as off-road exploration or public safety vehicles.

There are static applications also, such as remote dome-mounted cameras used in intelligent traffic system (ITS) applications that require video with overlay.

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