PXI matrix modules for aerospace engine-control, semiconductor testing introduced by Pickering Interfaces

Sept. 12, 2019
The modules deliver as many as 6,144 crosspoints, and offer dual analog busing for the narrow matrix options to enable separate matrices in one module.

CLACTON-ON-SEA, England – Pickering Interfaces in Clacton-on-Sea, England, is introducing the 40-558 0.5-amp ultra-high-density PXI matrix module family aerospace and automotive engine-control unit and semiconductor package testing.

The modules deliver as many as 6,144 crosspoints, and offer dual analog busing for the narrower matrix options to enable separate matrices within one module for parallel testing.

With a switching density 39 percent higher than competing devices, the 40-558 can house a functional automatic test system in one 3U PXI chassis, and the integrated BRIC design saves on chassis slots compared to standard PXI matrix modules.

Part of the Pickering Interfaces BRIC large PXI Matrices range, the 40-558 modules are available in two, four, or eight-slot widths for matrix sizes between 64 by 16 and 1,008 by 6.

The modules are fitted with high quality, ruthenium-sputtered reed relays that feature long life with good low-level switching performance and contact resistance stability.

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Automatic isolation relay switching makes the most of bandwidth and reliability. Spare relays are included with the module for maintenance with minimum downtime.

The BRIC's internal high-performance screened analog backplane minimizes the complexity and cost of cable assemblies; Pickering has a range of standard cables available for the 40-558 and can construct custom cables for PXI modules. A choice of 6-, 8-, 12-, and 16-pole analog bus widths and dual analog bus options are available.

The 40-558 BRIC PXI matrix modules operate in fast mode via the VISA driver with several relay operation in one command or provide the convenience and simplicity of IVI drivers.

Accessory support is available, including Pickering's built-in relay self-test (BIRST) and eBIRST switching system test tools that help find relay failures within the modules.

For more information contact Pickering Interfaces online at www.pickeringtest.com.

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