Circuit board test systems for repairing avionics, military, and vehicle electronics introduced by Saelig

Dec. 21, 2022
The BoardMaster circuit board test system has test instruments and special software for testing and fault-finding on almost any kind of circuit board.

FAIRPORT, N.Y. – Electronics distributor Saelig Co. Inc. in Fairport, N.Y. is offering the BoardMaster universal printed circuit board test system and RevEng products from ABI Electronics Ltd. in Dodworth, England.

The ABI BoardMaster and RevEng products are designed to help simplify electronics repair for military equipment, vehicles, and avionics by avoiding obsolescence.

The BoardMaster is a circuit board test system with test instruments and special software for testing and fault-finding on almost any kind of circuit board or assembly.

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Self-contained, it is housed in a 19-inch rack case with a built-in Windows personal computer. RevEng is a learning instrument to help recreate schematics of an obsolete circuit board for refurbishing equipment. These devices can speed up circuit board repair and return equipment back to operational use quickly.

Long life spans of military electronics, combined with the inevitable obsolescence issues, are an ongoing problem in the armed services. The military sector uses electronics on an extremely large scale, ranging from radars, navigation, and control electronics on board ships to portable telecommunication equipment for ground personnel.

Ensuring the reliable and safe operation of military systems often means that electronic assemblies and boards that malfunction or need routine testing are returned to their respective original manufacturers for evaluation.

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BoardMaster uses a customized mix-and-match selection of CD-drive-sized modules to create a self-contained, prompt-driven circuit board test station for repairing all kinds of equipment.

Many products often lack documentation, making it difficult to repair their electronics. Using local maintenance tools such as ABI BoardMaster and RevEng not only speeds up the repair process but also broadens the range of equipment that can be fixed.

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