Pentagon cyber experts focus on tactics and training for a new generation of defensive cyber hunters

March 5, 2020
Pentagon aims to better train defensive hunters; improve defensive tactics, techniques. and procedures; and develop defensive cyber tradecraft.

WASHINGTON – For years, the first time the Department of Defense’s cyber forces faced high-end digital attacks was not in practice or in a classroom, but in actual operations. Fifth Domain reports. Continue reading original article

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

5 March 2020 -- Because cyber leaders had focused on staffing, training opportunities for defensive cyber operators had been sparse. To help solve that problem, the Department of Defense is expected to award a contract worth roughly $1 billion later this year for a global cyber training environment. But in the meantime, some units across the joint force have gone so far as to create their own small-scale training events and exercises to keep their forces’ skill sets sharp.

Perhaps the best example of these efforts are the 567th Cyberspace Operations Group’s “Hunt Event,” which has quickly grown to become one of the largest cyber exercises across the department. The bi-monthly exercise pits teams against each other in a competition for the coveted Goblet of Cyber trophy and bragging rights.

The group aims to better train defensive hunters, improve defensive tactics, techniques and procedures and develop defensive tradecraft. The exercises started roughly a year ago to teach operators how to hunt on networks. It’s now evolved to where participants also work on leadership skills and build custom exploits on a large range with multiple stakeholders.

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John Keller, chief editor
Military & Aerospace Electronics

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