SOSA-aligned 6U OpenVPX blade servers for aerospace and defense embedded computing introduced by Mercury

July 21, 2021
HDS6705 blade servers are powered by second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and feature ruggedization and a high-speed switch fabric.

ANDOVER, Mass. – Mercury Systems Inc. in Andover, Mass., is introducing the EnsembleSeries HDS6705 general-purpose-processing 6U OpenVPX blade server with built-in security for demanding aerospace and defense applications.

HDS6705 blade servers are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)-enabling second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors and feature ruggedization and high-speed switch fabric interconnect technologies.

The blade servers are optimized for size, weight, power (SWaP) and cooling to enable the data center-class processors to operate at maximum performance while delivering high meantime between failure.

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An OpenVPX architecture enables the blades to be building blocks for developing software-agnostic embedded AI-capable processing systems, and a SOSA-aligned design approach enables rapid modernization.

Designed, manufactured, coded, and supported in the USA from DMEA-accredited facilities, Mercury's secure rackmount and embedded computing solutions safeguard valued technology, critical IP, and confidential data against adversarial threats even when a host system has been compromised.

EnsembleSeries HDS6705 blades will be available in spring 2022 in conduction-cooled, Air Flow-By, and Liquid Flow Through options. For more information contact Mercury Systems online at

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