Embedded computing for industrial automation, smart manufacturing, and robotics introduced by Congatec

May 5, 2022
These devices are suitable for outdoor temperatures from -45 to 85 degrees Celsius, and can help integrate vision and other sensors.

SAN DIEGO – Congatec Inc. in San Diego is introducing Intel Xeon D processor-based computer-on-modules for robotics, smart manufacturing and material handling, and self-driving vehicles.

These computer boards are for 5G connected smart factories and industrial automation to simplify and accelerate the development of collaborative robotics and material handling systems.

The devices are suitable for deployment in outdoor temperatures from -45 to 85 degrees Celsius. These embedded computers can help OEM vendors integrate vision and other sensors for gathering situational raw data.

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These embedded computing modules can help users integrate data preprocessing and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve data analytics, and design controller logic for autonomous vehicle movement and operation.

In addition, they can help with 5G device connectivity for vehicle-to-vehicle, robot-to-robot, and robot-to-x-communications with real-time capabilities and safety.

For more information contact Congatec online at www.congatec.com.

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