Radiation-hardened processor system on chip (SoC) for commercial space uses introduced by Coherent Logix

April 3, 2023
Rad-hard space SoC enables capabilities to be packaged in small satellite bus sizes to help lower launch costs and accelerate industry growth.

AUSTIN, Texas – Coherent Logix Inc. in Austin, Texas, is introducing the radiation-hardened HyperX: Midnight system on chip (SoC) processor for commercial space applications like communications satellites.

HyperX: Midnight offers as much as four times the computing throughput, half the power consumption, and a 40 percent lower price compared to leading radiation-hardened field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), company officials say.

This enables greater capabilities to be packaged in smaller satellite bus sizes to help lower launch costs and accelerating industry growth.

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HyperX: Midnight also brings software-defined operations, C-programmability, and simplified software debugging to commercial space. Combined with Coherent Logix’s HyperX Studio design suite, these features offer full on-orbit re-programmability, so improvements can continue long after launch.

HyperX SoCs support market solutions across several sectors, including consumer electronics, 5G mobile infrastructure, video/broadcast infrastructure, machine vision, sensor processing, and artificial intelligence.

For more information contact Coherent Logix online at www.coherentlogix.com.

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